I just started up with a major revision on my WIP yesterday. I've started to incorporate my ideas from a post here a while ago. (I'm too lazy today to provide a link, lol.)

The beginning is quite slow going, as it usually is for me. I don't know why that is, but I suspect it's true for a lot of writers: Where the heck do I start this thing? I know that was true for Margaret Mitchell. I think she redid the beginning of Gone With the Wind half a dozen times, and even when it came out in print, she still didn't like it.

I heard that the book sold pretty well. ;-)

No doubt I'll change that beginning a few more times (or at least tweak it), but it'll do for right now, as it introduces the character and her voice and gets her moving out the door. She's dressed strangely, but it's for a reason, and it has nothing to do with fashion. (Chick lit for me begins and ends with Stephanie Plum, and she doesn't care about the latest fashion trends; come to think of it, neither do I. ;-) Go, Stephanie!) Maybe a lot of Jersey chicks are that way?

Heh heh.

Anyway, it's good to back to writing fiction again. Hubby went to see one of his brothers yesterday afternoon, and after the Yankees managed to sweep (finally!) someone, I decided it was time to get into the whole revision thing. This is a major revision, as I decided my MC, Jackie Sanura, was too thin on the characterization end; not enough meat there for me.

I'm hoping to do some more in the coming days and weeks, but I'm not going to make the mistake of trying to come up with a deadline at this point, as my personal life is still on the "I STILL don't know what's going to happen" part of the curve.

But at least I'm back to writing fiction instead of just reading it.

~Nancy Beck


writtenwyrdd said...

Slave away until you feel it will at least do for the beginning. I do the same thing you do, endlessly rework the beginning. I'm sure the end result will be worth the effort.

~Nancy said...

I sure hope so. :-)