Do Your Research, Dammit!

Yet another "publisher" bit the bullet, scamming people left and right. This one was called Martell Publishing.

When I first looked at the picture of where Martell's office was, I was reminded of several Jersey Shore motels.

Turns out it originally was a motel, converted into offices.

Repeat after me: You NEVER, EVER pay a publisher to print your story. Not upfront, and not by asking you for the names of family and friends (that's the end around).


These poor people would've done better by going to the local copy shop to have it done. Or they could've gone online and used either Lulu.com or CafePress. Any of these would've cost less (or would've been free) than what Martell asked for (and, unfortunately, received).

Now you're going to say: But you just said you never pay a publisher to publish your work in hard copy or paperback, that they should be paying you (royalties). And the last time you looked, the local copy shop would indeed cost money.

The copy shop is being honest; they'll print your stuff, but they won't claim they're publishing
you. All that the shop, Lulu.com, and CafePress claim is that they'll PRINT your work. That's a big difference. If you have any typos, they'll been in the final print. In other words, whatever is on the pieces of paper you're handing to a printer, they'll print. No editing, no marketing of your story, nothing.

At least they're being honest.

Shame on the guy who took advantage of people. I hope he gets thrown in jail for at least a year. Scumbag.

~Nancy Beck