Workin' on the Work in Progress

I should be finishing up the revision of Chapter 4 today, and, hopefully, I'll put it into high gear next week in between the online writers conference. I hope to get another two chapters done next week.

My interim goal is to join an online crit group. I did this before; last year, as a matter of fact. But I think it was too soon for me, as I psyched myself out. I now think I have a better handle on the "this is my baby" aspect of writing, and the "this is a business" aspect.

I also wrote a quick story the other day, which was supposed to be a flash fiction piece (less than 1,000 words), but I think there are well more than 1,000 words. :-) I like the concept, like the MC, so maybe I'll develop it just a tad more and send it out.

Who knows? Maybe some (paying) market somewhere will accept it. Don't know until you try. :-)

I'm also wondering about a story sitting on my laptop's hard drive. I originally thought about doing it as a short story, but now I wonder if I should expand it. It's about werewolves on Broadway in the 1930s; at least, that's the basic premise. I don't think I've developed it enough, so I may take another look-see, if not another writing stab, at it. Since paranormals are so hot right now (I know, I know - most books that are bought right now usually won't see the light of day for almost two years, so I really shouldn't follow trends), this might be the time to take a good, hard look at it. It's set during a time period I enjoy reading about, and maybe it'll be different and good enough for agents to look at.

Don't mind me; just doing a little dreaming.

~Nancy Beck


April said...

Dreaming is good..and necessary in the writing fiction business I think. I know what you mean about the on-line critique groups. Not sure how I feel about them. People are harsh. But I have received some good tips, so so far, I'm alright. I'm terrified to put my work out there though,after the harsh comments. It is so scary..but I am working hard on that revision! I thank you for your comments on my Chapter One. I am getting better I think, and I'm changing a lot. Not ready for you to read it yet though b/c I will need to go back for another read through to make sure it sounds good. Right now, I'm kinda doing more of the structure and plot.. kinda. I just don't know how cohesive it will be yet. Hopefully very! Have a good weekend!

~Nancy said...


It's very hard to put your "baby" out there. I originally though, "Heh, no problem. I'll be able to handle it." But I wasn't able to, and I went off in other directions, when I should've just concentrated on the one thing.

Maybe that wouldn't have worked, either. Maybe I was just waaaay too sensitive about my writing at the time. I do want to get my WIP in as good a shape as I can before taking any plunge like that.

I thank you for your comments on my Chapter One.

You're welcome! :-) I did learn one thing when I was part of that crit group: Respect your fellow writer. I try to preface any crits with "I think" or "Maybe you should consider" because crits are subjective. You, as the author of the piece, have the right to reject everything, rejects pieces of advice, or accept everything (and address me as All Knowing, Maleficent Critiquer).

Heh. I get carried away sometimes. ;-)

Now, where was I?

Oh, end of my rambling. You have a good weekend, too!