My Revisions

I realized late last week that I certain part of Chapter 3 in my WIP made no sense.

My MC, who's wearing nothing but a bra and panties (you'll have to read to find out why, lol ;-)), and only has a blanket to cover her, is standing in someone's house, talking as if she's wearing a dress or something.

Nope, says my brain, that wouldn't happen.

My MC is whisked back in time by a Roman goddess, so her mind's already a little messed up. ;-) So why should she be perfectly fine just standing around, in her undies, talking to people she's just met? And why wouldn't at least one of those people point out that, um, it ain't natural for a stranger to be standing around with a blanket tugged tight around her?

Yeah. Exactly. So I had to do some cuttin' and pastin' to get one of the other people to say something snarky to her, have her do a little freak, then run into another room, slamming the door behind her. Mission accomplished!

As it originally read, it was important, in that the MC received some good info about the people in the house, etc., but it wasn't right the way it was written. I feel it reads much better now, although a few tweaks here and there is not out of the question. I can guarantee there'll be some other revisions on this, but not as extensive.

The middle part of the story is going to drive me nuts, though. ::sigh:: I wasn't sure originally what I was going to do in the middle of the story, but I wrote what I came up with at the time. My latest idea (especially after reading about a writer Agent Kristin just recently took on) is from a book that's coming out in 2009, and that has an element or event that's the same in my story; different story, though (and I don't think the 2009 book is a blend of SF and fantasy).

Anyway, I took care of that over the weekend, and look forward to hashing out more stuff in the coming days and weeks.

I still plan to start sending out queries in February next year, and I'm determined to keep that deadline in mind.

~Nancy Beck


April said...

Ugh what a mess! Sorry you had to go through all that I know it's not easy!

~Nancy said...

Yeah, it sucks, but I felt it was necessary, as it just didn't make any sense. (It's one thing if you're a nudist or a flasher, I suppose ;-).)

~Nancy said...

Oh, and I think what's helping me (finally!) is all the critting I've been doing. I've found I actual enjoy critting, and not because I get to put down people's word choices/whatever: I can recognize problems in my own writing as well as seeing good things that I can incorporate and learn from.