Self Confidence Booster

While those closest to me and my situation (yup, Marc and Terry, I'm talkin' 'bout you :-)) know that I need to come up with some more dough to pay the bills, I decided for fun to see what a Tarot reading would do.

I know, I know; some might think it means nothing, yadda, yadda, yadda, but hear me out: If it's a free reading and provides a confidence boost of some sort, wouldn't it be worth it?

For me, yes.

Someone on the Absolute Writer Water Cooler does free, online Tarot readings (and she does paid ones, too; I'm sure it brings in some next extra income, and more power to her). She goes by the name of Miss Michele, and, in case you haven't noticed, I tend to ramble in a lot of my posts. ;-) Well, I rambled a bit in my request to Miss Michele, so she nicely brought down my ramble to something more succinct: Career stuff in 2008.

What she came up with was more than I could hope for! :-) (Her answer is here.)

I'm currently suffering from low self confidence, especially in my fiction and non-fiction writing ability. (Violins not necessary! Although you can cry if you want to, with apologies to Lesley Gore. ;-))

Anyway, it's quite heartening to see that writing wise, good stuff will happen. And that there's going to be a major change, career wise. (Hmm. How'd she know that? As something major is beginning to happen already, although this is something that can be good or bad; only time will tell.)

Think about it, though. Do we really know all the mysteries of the universe? Scientists can talk about matter and anti-matter and black holes and such. But that's the physical part; what about the unphysical part?

Because I'm starting to believe that there's something to this self motivation stuff, and, yes, stuff along the lines of Tarot. Remember my post of the other day, wherein I said how much I enjoyed singing? That I focused on becoming part of the special little group with all my heart and soul (not to mention action, as in learning the song lyrics for the regular chorus) - and became part of that group?

Too, hubby and I in the past, whenever we decided on getting a car or going to a particular destination for our vacations - those happened! Once you set your mind to it and - even more importantly - take ACTION to get those things...those things come your way.

Here's a quick way of looking at it. Decide on a goal. With all your heart, visualize receiving that goal (money, writing, inventing something, whatever), then WRITE DOWN THAT GOAL. Decide on a specific date that you want that goal fulfilled. WRITE DOWN THAT DATE.

With all your passion and desire, speak that goal and date when you get up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night.

Even more importantly, focus on an ACTION PLAN. It might not come to you right away; in fact, it probably won't. But it might come in a flash of inspiration; don't diss that inspiration, but write it down and ACT ON IT as soon as you can.

The mind, she is a wonderful thing. Use it, act on what it serves up. You might be pleasantly and happily surprised at what's sent your way.

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~Nancy Beck