Those Amazing Lawyers

From Publisher's Lunch:
Joke Book Editor Settles Leno Lawsuit
Author Judy Brown and publishers Andrews McMeel and Sterling settled a lawsuit brought by Jay Leno, NBC Studios and other comedians in late 2006 alleging copyright infringement in her joke book collections. The AP says they will "pay damages, stop producing the joke books and make efforts to pull existing copies from bookstores." Leno, Rita Rudner and NBC are donating their proceeds to charity and even the attorneys are kicking in part of their fee, which lawyer Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr. says will comprise "hundreds of thousands of dollars."

At least the publisher is doing the right thing, by stopping the publishing of the books and pulling any bookstore copies.

But what really made me sit up and take notice was what the lawyers did here (and I work for a lawyer): They actually kicked in part of their fees for charity.

Will wonders never cease? ;-)

It's also nice to see the celebs donating to charity, but I kind of expected Jay Leno to do that; he comes off as a nice guy. (I know OF Rita Rudner, but I haven't heard her comedy routine in many, many years, and I assume she's a nice lady.:-))

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~Nancy Beck


Angie said...

I saw that somewhere else and agree that it's pretty cool, especially of the lawyers. :D