If You Want to See An Email Deconstructed...

...James D. MacDonald does so brilliantly in this post at Absolute Write's Water Cooler. This is the infamous WL Writers Literary Agency (and The Children's Literary Agency and, aw, you get the idea - check out the thread), and it/they threatened "3 writers" with not just one lawsuit, but a "series" of lawsuits.


Yeah, like they'd ever want to be in a courtroom. BTW, they threatened all last year, and the year before...going back to 2004.

Still no lawsuit (or series of lawsuits) filed, and you know they never will...until someone gets someone in law enforcement to pay attention. Unfortunately, scam literary agents tend to go on under the radar because usually the amounts of money are small potatoes, among other things.

This is why I write blog posts against such scammy "agents."

Because if I can (or any other writer, for that matter) keep people away from such, that's that much less money in the scammer's pockets.

Remember - do your research first! Don't click on Google ads for literary agencies or publishers! And, by all means, have fun and send "Sherry" or Bobby or best (worst?) dreck and see how long it takes you to receive a similar email.

~Nancy Beck


Angie said...

ROFL! Gotta love Yogg. :D