Preditors and Editors Is Being Sued

Can you believe this?

Some scammer had the temerity to go after P&E, one of the 3 golden sites (in my opinion, the other 2 being Writer Beware and the Absolute Write Water Cooler) that helps writers figure out who's on the up-and-up and who's a scammer.


I've got the Donate button in the right side bar, right at the very top of the blog.

It's just a "give what you can if you can" type of thing (Paypal, as you can see). Unfortunately, my credit cards are almost completely maxed out, so unless I see a street address or p.o. box somewhere, I'm going to have to pass.

Which pisses me off.

BTW, if any writer out there needs the code, shoot me an email, and I'll send it off to you. It's quite easy to post on Blogger, by just going into Layout. Set it up as an HTML code thing.

~Nancy Beck