This May Be More of a Freelance Idea, But...

...it is writing related, and even if you're not going to monetize your blog in any way or offer any services...it's an interesting idea.

When I originally set up this blog 2 years ago this August (can't believe it's been that long!), all I had in mind was the idea of goading myself to write and maybe the occasional writing tip or technique.

This post on the Pro Blogger blog (from 2006...still getting hits 2 years later!) has a nice little template focusing on altering your About Me or Profile page.

The idea is to to let people know who you are, your expertise and the problems or goals it addresses (especially good for freelancers and business owners), and how to contact you.

It wasn't until I'd been blogging for a number of months when an online writer friend clued me in that there was no way to contact me on my blog (!!). Simple stuff, but something I'd overlooked.

Getting back to the profile page...my thought on this is that you can make it as personal or as formal as you think it should be. And to get you thinking what you want to offer to the online world - again, even if it's just a word a day or just how you're toughing it out by writing Your Great Novel - I think is a great idea.

I have to admit that my original profile was just kind of slapped together (I figure that's what most people have done!); just a basic, "yadda, yadda, yadda, dis is my day job."

I'll probably tweak it from time to time, as certain things may fall by the wayside; only time will tell. But I've got the new one plugged in now, and although it's not perfect, I think it's serving it's purpose much better.

For now. :-)

~Nancy Beck