And I Thought I Was the Only One

I thought I was the only who visibly shuddered when punctuation is used incorrectly.

Apparently, though, I'm not.

This article, Celebrating the Semicolon in a Most Unlikely Location, is about a New York City subway placard that gets it right as far as semicolons are concerned. The man who wrote the public service blurb thought someone was complaining when his supervisor told him a reporter was inquiring about who was responsible for the semicolon.

Others have commented on, and applauded, Mr. Neches for his correct usage.

Imagine that. :-)

~Nancy Beck


Billy said...

One of my professors in grad school said that using the semicolon correctly is the mark of an educated person. I agree. Interesting that about 30% of all correspondence I've had with agents through the years have misused the semicolon or else contain run-ons.

Nancy Beck said...

You'd think agents would - should - know better. I mean, I know they're busy, but so am I, and I really try to use the correct punctuation no matter what.

Billy said...

... and I just made a S-V error in the post :)

Nancy Beck said...


No biggie. :-) It's not like you're doing business with me or something. ;-)