Curiouser and Curiouser

And I ain't talking about Alice in Wonderland.

This post on the PublishAmerica thread at Absolute Write is quite interesting.

Class Action

Apparently, this man has managed to file a class action lawsuit in Florida. He says, in post further down from the one mentioned above, that the suit:
is based on not only breach of the contract but also fraud and deceptive trade practices that are violations of Florida Law.

Now, I am not a lawyer, nor do I portray one on TV. ;-) But could this be something that finally breaks PA?

This Is Not the Only Thing Happening to PA

And it couldn't happen to a better bunch of people. (Excuse me while I heave.) This is right on the heels of PA suing Dave Kuzminski, who runs the wonderful Preditors and Editors website, so writers can see which agents and publishers are/aren't legitimate. (Don't forget the Donate button I have in the sidebar.)

I mean...PublishAmerica...erm...the lawyer dude PA hired will have to open up his records in court. And now with this lawsuit against them...the business itself will have to open up its books.

Hmm. Kind of sounds like Germany during World War II, when they had two fronts (that's including the infamous Russian front, in case you didn't know).

You know how that turned out, right?

Not looking good. Ah, well. You sow bad karma, you pay for it somewhere down the line.

~Nancy Beck


Liz Brooker said...

"You sow bad karma, you pay for it somewhere down the line."
I do hope you're right about that Nacy. These people give leeches a bad name.

Nancy Beck said...

I hope so, too.

And that leeches comment is very appropriate! ;-) At least leeches do what they do because that's part of their nature (and they're being used in hospitals, so they're actually benefitting humankind).

PA? Meh. They suck your writing marrow dry.

Billy said...

Dave K. at P&E is also being sued by two agents who are claiming defammation and damage to their careers. Dang, he doesn't need that!

I had also heard in early Fall that PA had purchased iUniverse. I need to double-check that.

Nancy Beck said...


Yes - that's right! Forgot about that. Barbara Bauer, I believe, and somebody else.

Yeah, as if he needs to be piled on even more. Sheesh.