The Cipher

This isn't quite yet a review, but it's getting close to it. Friday I went and visited a certain someone, who looks quite fine (and will be coming home soon).

Anyway, I decided to turn off the TV and read, so I picked up The Cipher, by Diana Pharoah Francis (isn't that a cool name? :-)). And I read. And I read.

You get the idea.

So I'm about two-thirds through the book, and enjoying it very much. I think I've guessed a thing to two about...a thing or two ;-)...but when I've read the end of this particular book will I know for sure.

One thing I've noted is that I'm loving the maritime theme of this story. I guess being a Gemini/Cancer baby (yeah, I'm right on the cusp), I think I read somewhere that people born under one or the other sign are attracted to water (or maybe it's both signs; I'm not really up on that). This has been true of me since I was a kid, enjoying summers down the Jersey shore, hanging out on one of my cousin's sister's husband's (whew!) boat down in Brick, or just splashing around in a pool.

Water, water, everywhere.

It has a real authentic feel to it as far as slang is concerned, and, indeed, Ms. Francis says on her website that she did a lot of research into boat terminology and whatnot (her MC is a ship customs inspector).

I'm hoping to finish it sometime this week.

~Nancy Beck