Finish the Sentence #3

This sentence is taken from debut author Nathalie Mallet's The Princes of the Golden Cage. (I reviewed The Princes of the Golden Cage in this post.)

The princes of an Arabic king are locked in a cage - a palace of sorts. But they can't leave until the king decides which one of his sons is going to be his heir. Once that's decided, the rest of his sons can go - killed, that is.

One of the princes, Erik, is blond haired; Prince Amir (from whose POV the story is told) is at first distrustful of this blond brother. But they eventually become friends.

Onto the Sentence

Erik has found out a secret about the palace and its grounds, and he shows it to Amir. Erik is leaning against wall, somewhere in the bowels of palace, when:
The sound of stone grinding stone filled the air, then, right in front of us... page 38, The Princes of the Golden Cage

If you've read the book (and I encourage you to do so), you know what happens next.

Whether you do or don't know what comes next...take a stab at finishing the sentence. What does happen?

Nancy Gives It a Whirl

I haven't thought about this, so here we go:

The sound of stone grinding stone filled the air, then, right in front of us, the wall crumbled, sending bits of red brick flying in a million directions. I expected to see a door or a tunnel or maybe, a path leading me out of the cage. But, no. What lay amidst the rubble twinkled; gemstones? Here, within the walls and debris of the palace?

That was my question: Why?

Hey, you know, that's not too bad. (This doesn't follow the book, BTW.) This off-the-cuff thought - not much of one, to be honest - doesn't sound too bad. Don't worry if your stuff sounds like crap to your ears; that's what revisions are for. :-)

Give it a try. Maybe it'll unstick your brain, hmm? :-)

~Nancy Beck