Audible Launches New Imprint

This is something that sounds like a science fiction (SF) or fantasy fiction fan would gobble up.

The announcement of this launching also included what I found even more interesting than having access to certain SF and fantasy audio books: A monthly recommendation by Orson Scott Card.

Monthly Selections

Now, I'm no great fan of Orson Scott Card; I read the original Ender book and didn't care for it. That it soured me against his fiction (a personal thing, for sure) didn't mean it soured me from purchasing his excellent book on writing, Characters and Viewpoint.

But what has me intrigued is that not only is going to be talking about classic books, but also new books:
It's easy for great novels and novellas to get lost in the bookstore - not everything can get front-of-store display! Card said. That's what I'll be doing with OSC Selects - moving new and classic sci-fi and fantasy right to the front, so fans will have a better chance of noticing terrific stories performed by first-rate readers.
His first pick is a classic (which doesn't surprise me :-)) from Andre Norton, Star Born.

Guest Columns

The release also touts a monthly guest column with "a different prominent science fiction and fantasy writer." Ben Bova is first up.

Nice to See

It's nice to see SF and fantasy novels (and novellas!) coming to audio in a big way. I'm not sure if I'll partake of this right away, as my financial situation is a bit tenuous, but I'll try to keep track of it and see if it lives up to the PR.

Again, here's Audible's PR release about the new SF and fantasy imprint.

~Nancy Beck