Monday Morning Wrap Up: 4/26-4/27

Word Counts

I think my writing this weekend was the dreckiest yet:

4/25 - 127 words
4/26 - 135 words
4/27 - 138 words

See those last two days? I couldn't stand what I'd written on Saturday, so I deleted those crap words and came up with some, um, hopefully less sucky words (and notice I came up with an entire extra 3 words on Sunday - oh joy! [end sarcasm]).

Doesn't help when it's that time of the month, ya know? ;-)


Well, had a couple of friends over late in the day. They came over for pizza and to say hi to the doggies. We hadn't seen Chris and Fran in...jeez...since sometime last year. A fun and interesting time was had by all, and there were 4 slices of pizza left over, for scarfing down on Sunday.

Oh, and a couple of our friends got married on Saturday. (I think it was Saturday; maybe it was Sunday?) They invited a ton of relatives, so believe me, I didn't expect to be invited (besides, that's for them to decide, not me).

Congrats, Alison and Jim! Have fun in the Turks and Caicos! :-)

Our other friends were invited, and I'm sure they'll give us the scoop on how everything turned out. (Hopefully, hilarity ensued...)


Yesterday was slug day, as far as I was concerned. Didn't go out except to scour the backyard for doggie deposits (I've got a sinus headache today, so I don't really want to get all that gross right now, ya know?). Watched the 2nd day of the NFL Draft, which was kind of cool.

Giants picked up some good prospects, I think. A safety was the first one they picked, which is what I hoped they'd do. Then they picked up the other half of the secondary, selecting a cornerback.

They also picked up a couple of linebackers, a wide receiver, and, interestingly, a quarterback.

Having a good back up quarterback does come in handy; remember Jeff Hoestetler, who helped win the Giants' second Super Bowl (because Phil Simms was out with an injury)? Maybe the Powers That Be decided that the back ups to Eli aren't that good, or maybe they selected him as some sort of leverage (if they need another player at a certain position and the other team needs a quarterback...).

But who knows? I know the prognosticators said the Dolphins and Chiefs had good drafts, but I guess the thing is, will the players those teams selected actually make the team? And will they have an impact?

Let's face it...Gerry Reeves made good in his first year: I think all or almost all of the rookies he signed made the team - and almost all of them made an impact.

As rookies.

In the Super Bowl.

How awesome is that? Let's see what this group can do. :-) Maybe the magic will continue.

~Nancy Beck


Liz said...

You're hanging on the Wall of Shame, Nancy. No words recorded for May 3rd. FLOG!!