Finish the Sentence #5

I've been on a Connie Willis kick lately, so I thought it was time to offer up someone else's words.

This sentence comes from Patricia Bray's, Devlin's Luck (another which I haven't yet read). Think typical medieval-type fantasy world; Devlin Stonehand has come to the capital of Kingsholm:
He had not eaten in two days, and now he had a choice... pg. 2, Devlin's Luck, by Patricia Bray
So...what's Devlin's choice, hmm? As this book starts out, there's some sort of festival going on, and Devlin is an outsider - he doesn't feel part of the festivities, no one has asked him to join in, no one has asked if he needs a room, etc.

What can you come up with? Unfortunately, I don't have much time today to write out something, since I have to make tons of copies of a report, bind them together, and send them out. ::wah, wah, wah:: Yeah, I know: Get out the violin! ;-)

~Nancy Beck