Word Count

Well, I've actually written and rewritten a bit in my WIP:

4/1 - 100 words
4/2 - 135 words

The 4/1 word count was done very late in the day; and, in fact, the stuff I'd written the day before I felt was drek, so most of that was cut (thank goodness). Yesterday's words were pretty good.

Today's? I actually remembered to throw in the word count on the official site:

320 words

Yay me! And yay to me for remembering! (Although, truthfully, I was up and out of the house super late on 4/1--into the wee hours of 4/2--and spent a nice vacation day with hubby yesterday. :-)

Just a shout out to Liz B. for setting up the site: I don't think I would've kept at it for this long without the site. No, really. :-) This may just be the lit match under my butt that I needed.

I'll post about the site either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how I feel.

Keep writing, gentle peoples! :-)

~Nancy Beck