Hilarity Ensues

Word Count

Time to flog me, word count buddies. :-( Yesterday, April 7, I did no writing on my WIP. Between going nuts with various stuff at work (that's what happens when the company you work for is bought out by another company), I've also been working on updating and un-boring my blog.

Which brings me to...

Un-boring My Blog

I'll admit it: I have fun tweaking tech stuff. No, really, I do. :-) I've been happily (and sometimes frustratingly) setting up test blogs to see what colors work, fonts, adding another sidebar, yadda yadda yadda. I've been perusing the Blogger Buster blog for all kinds of fantastic tips and tricks for Blogger. Amanda, the owner, has also offered a free e-book to help with some of this stuff (it's an ebook that encapsulates all of her template tutorials).

If that's your thang, then check out Blogger Buster.

If not...well, I'll grant you the right to let your eyes glaze over all of this. ;-)

~Nancy Beck


Anonymous said...

All good excuses aside, shame on you. I understand having work bought out by someone else. I'm in banking and have been on both side of a "merger". Still, one hundred words, like two paragraphs, aren't that much. You can do it. We believe in you. And it's a great way to let go of the stress from your day. Come on, you can do it!!!!!

Nancy Beck said...


Nope, no excuses offered - shame on me! You're right, in that 100 words isn't a heck of a lot.

Thanks for the kick in the ass! :-)

Liz Brooker said...

Awww. Theadra beat me to it. consider yourself thoroughly flogged, Nancy. Now if only I could find time to set up the Wall of Shame...

Nancy Beck said...

Yup, Liz, Theadra did indeed. :-)

But it helped, as I wrote just a bit above the minimu.

I found an outline I typed up a few weeks ago (at home; d'oh, Nancy!). I did it because I decided to change a number of things to the story and couldn't remember exactly what those things were.

Since I finally remembered to bring it along with me, I feel even more confident to slash and burn...and create, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

"But it helped, as I wrote just a bit above the minimu."

Ummmm...what's a minimu? Is that like a really small Hawaiian dress?

Nancy Beck said...


How'd you guess? ;-)

BTW, that's a trademarked name - I came up with it, so it's mine, my precioussssss... :-)