Finish the Sentence #6

An Exercept From One of My Faves

Today, I've selected something from one of my favorite novels, Winter's Orphans, by Elaine Corvidae. If fantasy is your thing and you like an historical touch to your fantasy, this might be just right for you; the feel of Victorian England - and all the horrors of the Industrial Age - are presented very well in this story.

And what a story it is.

The Seelie Court holds power in the city of Niune. As the Seelie Court (the seelie fae) are sworn to the forces of light, they feel it is their duty to destroy any who bear the taint of unseelie fae blood.

In the first scene of the novel, we're in Mina Cole's shoes. Mina, a factory slave, is at her loom, when another slave (another woman) is going to lose a limb - or her life - because she's gotten dragged into the machinery.

Then Mina lets loose some magic, something she has no control over, something that frightens her to her bones. Something snaps on the machine, and the other woman is free.

But someone in another part of town notices Mina's magic - and this is the sentence you'll have to complete:
Duncan's hands jerked sharply when the wave hit him...p. 6, Winter's Orphans, Elaine Corvidae
And...then what? Although the wave is magical, maybe in your brain it's an ocean wave...or something else that's unknown to humans.

Here's My Try...

Duncan's hands jerked sharply when the wave hit him, and he toppled onto the street. There was a squeal of brakes, but he couldn't close his eyes as he watched, gasping, as a car hurtled toward him.

The car stopped inches from his face.

The driver came around and helped him up, asking Duncan if he were okay. Duncan brushed him off, stepped back onto the sidewalk, shuddering.

Whether the shakes were from almost getting his head squashed or the powerful wave of magic, Duncan didn't know. But he did know he'd have to find out who possessed such power.

And he needed to get that person before the Seelie Court did.

Read the Book!

Really, it's a fantastic book. You can get it at the Mundania Press site. (And I really MUST pick up the second book. :-))

~Nancy Beck