Monday Morning Wrap Up: 4/5-4/6

This pic of Madeline Kahn as Lili Von Schtupp is perfect for me this morning: I'm Tired.

That's what she was singing in her hysterically funny send up of Marlene Dietrich (complete with Elmer Fudd voice ;-))...and that's how I'm feeling this particular A.M.

I'll blame it on hubby because I've got to blame somebody for it, right? ;-) He was snoring last night, so there's that...

Nothing Much Doin' Over the Weekend

Went to the watering hole, with a lot of people saying, "How are you?" to hubby (those there know the reasons :-)). That was Saturday. Yesterday, Sunday, was another of those shoulder shrugging days. I did ask one of hubby's brothers to come over and get rid of the old tree logs in the back (from the day almost 2 years ago when a thick tree branch come down on hubby's car; just missed my car).

He did, getting to the house about 9:30 (when I was coloring my hair, lol). Now, the town is having a brush clearing week, so I was thinking he and hubby could chop up those logs...but as it turned out, what the town wanted (diameters of 3 inches or less) would've taken waaay too long. It worked, though, because bro-in-law has a chiminea and needed seasoned wood for it.

He said it usually takes a year for that to happen. And this was plenty well seasoned. :-) His wife called later in the day to say he was already using it, so this was a win-win situation for us!

Word Counts

Okay, I didn't manage to upload my totals for 4/4-4/6, so here they are:

4/4 - 123 words
4/5 - 100 words
4/6 - 157 words

Yeah, yesterday was a good day for the story, although I feel at the moment that a lot of what I've written lately is going to be revised yet again (or deleted outright). I'm grinding my wheels a little bit, simply because my endo has been acting up lately; the pain usually gives me brain farts, and Friday and Saturday were definitely those types of writing days.

Not a big deal, though. :-) This is really helping me move forward, because I've always managed to get stuck on the endless revisions bandwagon. And although I'll be going to be hopping on that again - I dread the middle of this story, because most or all of it is going out the window - I do feel that this time around I'll actually finish the dang thing and send it out to agents.

All I'll have to worry about is the stupid query letter. Gee, I'm really looking forward to that (not).

Holding my feet to the fire isn't toasting them that badly...especially as it's compelling me to keep moving forward!

~Nancy Beck


Serena Joy said...

So sorry to hear about your endo. You still got a pretty respectable word count out in spite of it, though. That's excellent! Before you know it, it will be query letter time. As much as one dreads the process, I'm sure you'll do fine.:)