To Be Read

Well, I started to read a Mercedes Lackey/Roberta Ellis book (Ill Met By Moonlight), but after getting only to the 2nd chapter, I've put it aside. Just isn't the right time for me to read this one; plus it's historical fantasy, and I really don't want my mind to compare it to my current WIP, lol. (My brain sometimes gets hung up on such comparisons, even though IMBM isn't set in World War II; it's that it's in the same genre, has been published, everything comes together well, yadda yadda yadda.)

Anyway, I tossed that one aside for now and started in on Lynn Flewelling's first novel, Luck In the Shadows.. (What is it with me and "Luck" in the titles? Lol!) I'm well into the 2nd chapter, and, so far, so good. We'll see how I feel as I go further in (it's firmly in the fantasy genre, although I don't think I'd call it epic fantasy, at least, not at this point). There's already an interesting twist hinted at by Ms. Flewelling - something that I knew about one of the characters going in, so it's not a complete surprise. I guess I'm just a bit surprised at how early in the story the hints come.

I'd been curious about this book/series for some time, so time will tell if it's totally to my liking.

~Nancy Beck