Word Count

Well, I wrote 2,000 words yesterday, but I wasn't sure if I should post it.

Ya see, I'm a little burnt on my current WIP, so I wrote 2,000 words of an idea I have. There's a fantasy element (naturally), and there's also a wise-ass narrator (first person POV).

The only reasons I didn't include it was because 1) it's not part of my current WIP and 2) this just might die right where it is (that is, I might not take it to its fruition and try to sell it).

But I'll leave this post, and see what my Word Count Buddies decide.

~Nancy Beck


Ben said...

Aw, I was getting all jazzed up to flog you. I think this should count. I believe the original rules require the words to be part of a creative writing project, not necessarily your WIP, and I know other Buddies have counted words written towards silly creative stories not intended for submission or publication. So I say, count 'em!

Aestril said...

It counts. =)