My Writing - and the Dreaded Query Letter

After writing a lot last week (about 3,000 new words, while deleting about 2,000 old ones that had stayed out their welcome), I wasn't sure if I was going to manage any this week, as I didn't have any time on Monday to get to the WIP.

But I did yesterday! :-) And I'm up to Chapter 13 now. The story has only slightly changed, but then, even though I tend to outline, it's never set in granite.

Why should it be?

So far this week: About 500 new words, slashing about 100. I'll be doing more today, for sure.

My idea is still the same; wrap up this by the end of February and start sending out the dreaded query letter. ::insert freaky horror music here::

Can you tell I'm not looking forward to writing the query letter? LOL! But I'll probably put it up at the Water Cooler and have those fine folks take a whack at it (it'll probably dwindle down to nothing, but that's how you learn).

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck


Anonymous said...

You are brave. Me, I just went with the Holiday Query at Firebrand because I can't seem to get the query letter thing. I haven't given up completely, but . . . hell I suck at it. Good Luck!!!

Nancy Beck said...

Unfortunately, no one at Firebrand agents stuff that I write. (Figures.)

Good luck to you, though! Let me know if you get the call. ::crosses fingers::