Pub News - Twenty-First Century Solutions

It's about time, you say, that publishers get it together as far as technology and publishing are concerned.

Then this might be right up your alley, if you're an American publisher, big or small.

According to Publishers Lunch, the Association of American Publishers' annual meeting on March 11, 2009 will focus on Twenty-First Century Solutions. Panels will look at "copyright convergence, new and old media convergence, publishing and politics convergence, and public and private partnership convergence, and their related impacts professional, trade and academic publishing."

I guess you could say they're going to talk up the wazoo about convergence.

Guest speakers will include Google's senior vice president for corporate development and chief legal officer, David Drummond, and Dow Jones & Company CEO, Les Hinton.

For more info on this, go here.

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~Nancy Beck