Query Letter Links

Building on yesterday's post about me throwing my query letter up on the Water Cooler (when the time comes), I thought I'd list some links to query letters that I've found interesting and possibly useful.

And, yes, I'll probably use some of these myself. Why not? :-)

An Old Water Cooler Thread

This is a thread that got quite a few people excited for a while, in that it's unconventional. If you've been getting nothing but rejects, this might be a ticket to consider.

A Query to Rachel Vater, Fantasy Agent

This post is something Rachel posted on her livejournal blog back in 2006. It's from a writer named Caitlin Kitteridge...and, yes, Rachel took her on as a client.

Since this is one that got an agent to take on a client, I feel it's a definite look-see (especially if you write urban fantasy).

Lynn Flewelling Query

Another query letter that got a writer an agent. Let's face it: Ms. Flewelling is well known within fantasy circles. This query letter was for her first book, Luck in the Shadows (an excellent book). For some strange reason, I haven't reviewed it as yet, but I'll fix that soon :-). She gives her reasons for including (or not including) certain things, and it might just be useful enough to get your juices flowing.

Agent Noah Lukeman

This page has a link to an ebook by this agent, How to Write a Great Query Letter. There's a separate link if you're outside of the U.S. (it's to an Amazon short, but it is free).

Feel free to leave links to query letter how-to's.

Love and kisses,

~Nancy Beck