This makes my blood boil

I've set it up so that I do posts on this blog twice a week, but I couldn't let this one go.

Free Books Aren't Free

Click on that, and you'll see a post that exactly describes why you shouldn't illegally download books.  Those authors who want to be commercially published - and those serious about self publishing - have the right to be compensated for their hard work.

Look, I'm working a long-term temp job, I have a mortgage, COBRA is almost $400 a month for hubby & me (& that subsidy's going to end soon, alas), so I'm not exactly rolling in dough.  That said, if I couldn't come up with the money to buy a new book or buy a used book or buy an e-book...I'd go to the library.  Or I'd go onto Paperback Swap & see if the book was available there, the basic premise being that these are used books and might as well be shipped to people who are going to read them (give them a new home).

Yes, I've used that site to unload books I've already read (and I have plenty - yeow!), and I've also sold used books off of Amazon.  I'd give books away rather than have them sitting around the house collecting dust.

Think before you download illegally.