Support Atlanta Nights! Down With PublishAmerica

I usually don't post on a weekend, but I just found out about this.

Atlanta Nights: The Movie!

Pledge a few dollars if you can.

For those not in the know, Atlanta Nights was a sting manuscript sent to "publisher" PublishAmerica.  PA is one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - scumsucker of a printer masquerading as a legit publisher.

To reiterate: PublishAmerica is not a publisher.  It's a printer, and a pretty lousy one.

I've been wanting to see PA go out of business for a number of years so people won't lose their first rights for seven (!!) years, with a no-nothing cover, errors introduced after a manuscript is supposedly edited...a total crapfest all around.

People would do much better to just put their stuff up on Amazon (Kindle) or B&N's PubIt! (Nook).  Or Smashwords, for that matter.

It's time for others to know what these charlatans have been doing for too long.