Indie Pubbing Can Get You a Trad Deal - If You Want It

I'm not going to send it's a trend - or at least, not a huge trend - but there have been a number of indie authors who've gotten noticed by trad publishers.

And not just noticed, but received some nice deals.
From H. P. Mallory's site:
In other news, I've just signed a 3 book deal for the Jolie series with Random House (books 3, 4 and 5 of the Jolie series). The next Jolie book will be available from Bantam in Spring of 2012. The good news is that books 4 and 5 will come out within 4 months of each other!
From the Fantasy Book Critic blog:
I am happy to announce the following from Orbit's Jack Womack.

"Orbit is pleased to announce that it has acquired the six-book Riyria Revelations series by author Michael J. Sullivan, in a six-figure deal with agent Teri Tobias of the Teri Tobias Agency LLC. Orbit will be publishing the six titles as three two-book omnibuses in consecutive months in Fall/Winter 2011-2012. The first volume, Theft of Swords, will be published in November 2011; the second volume, Rise of Empire, in December 2011, and the final volume, Heir of Novron, in January 2012."

Mr. Sullivan published a series through Ridan Publishing which apparently Orbit liked so much (i.e., thought sold pretty well), that they offered Mr. Sullivan a contract.

Same with Ms. Mallory.

What's good about both developments is that it's not going to take two years for these books to see the light of day.  They're going to be offered in quick succession.  Okay, the first Jolie book for Ms. Mallory won't be out until spring next year, but considering how long it usually takes for a trad publisher to publish a book (with very few exceptions)...that's fast.

Congrats to both.

I know there must be others.  Anyone have news on others in the fantasy genre who've snagged any trad deals?