Does Anyone Like Goblins?

Thought I'd do a quick post this afternoon, after seeing Jim Hines' Goblin Day post from yesterday.

I loved the original Jig trilogy.  Still have all three books, and will eventually reread them some day.  (After  getting through my TBR pile, both real and virtual).

Well, Jim Hines has now released a short story collection based on that world.  Although I haven't ordered it (yet), I will get to that.  It's $2.99 for five stories, which is definitely worth it, for me.

If you haven't read the originals, I suggest you do that first.  They're a lot of fun, with the basic premise being the flipside of a goblin's life.  I mean, we only know them as ugly things that do all sorts of nasty stuff.

Sorry 'bout that, Jig. :-)


Angie said...

I've read the first one and definitely liked it. The rest are on my to-buy list. [glances at the incipient landslide of books bought but not yet read] For, umm, some time soon. :)


Nancy Beck said...

I hear ya, Angie...my TBR pile is a landslide, too. :-)