Urban Fantasy Book Covers

I remember on Smart Bitches when they had a post about covers where the heads of the female protags were cut off.

Yup, all kinds o' body parts have been cut off on covers, but it seems heads are number one.

Just thought I'd throw that in there.  This video "examines" how a lot of urban fantasy covers are looking an awful lot alike (tats, right shoulder glances, etcetera).

Enjoy! :-)


Nicholas La Salla said...

LOL...I never thought about it, but you're right!

I think Jim Butcher's covers are pretty good -- interesting enough to prompt a question, like "What's that character thinking about?" and so on.

The whole back and tattoo thing is beyond me. What are we really selling here, erotica or fantasy?

Not that there's anything wrong with erotica OR fantasy. I'm just sayin'. ;-)

One More Day

Kay Theodoratus said...

I was amazed by how many of the books shown I had read. No wonder I never get any writing done.

LisaAnn said...

Hi Nancy! I found your blog through your posts on AbsoluteWrite, and this slideshow definitely tickled me. I guess I hadn't realized exactly how predictable these covers have gotten... Wonder if any of these girls would someday have massive tattoo regret?? (I'm a huge malamute fan myself... I currently have two Alaskan huskies...) Have a great evening! :)

Nancy Beck said...

@Nick, I think it's the blend that gets you guys to at least look at the covers if not outright read the books. ;-)

@Kay, That's too funny! :P

@LisaAnn, Thanks for dropping by. :-) I guess those women could have the tats removed...but hear it's an involved process (and it probably hurts like hell, too). Then again, maybe those tats were Photoshopped in.

OOO, Alaskan Huskies...I love me those Northern breed dogs! :-)