Another Idea to Keep Indie Bookstores in Business

I'll be honest in saying that I haven't been to an independent bookstore in ages.  The closest one is about 20 minutes away; not far, but then the car is getting old (just had a crap-load of fixes done to it), and I really don't want to wear it out.  I drive far enough to and from Ye Olde Temp Job as it is.

But that store is in a very nice area, where there's a river and an old mill; very picturesque.  (If I told you the name of the town or of the mill - it's pretty well known - I'd have to kill you. ;-))

So what brought all this up?  This particular post about what one indie bookstore is doing to stay in business.  True, Cambridge, Massachusetts, isn't as small as the little town I live in (less than 1,000 people), but the idea of printing out ebooks is intriguing.  And, yes, they do print ebooks of local authors, which is always cool. :-)  They're using the Xerox Expresso Machine to print them out


Kay Theodoratus said...

One way to keep independent bookstores open -- buy books from them.

One way I do this even if the book stock is thin: I buy special orders through them. A little extra work and doesn't add much to their profits, but I hope it helps.

Nancy Beck said...


I think every little bit helps, especially in this day and age. It's kind of like helping dogs or cats: You can't possibly care for all the poor dogs and cats out there, but you can do your own part of adopting a rescued dog or cat.

Thanks for dropping by!

Nancy Beck said...

BTW, I used to love going to the local indie bookstore when hubby and I were making more money, when I worked in the area, and when gas wasn't so expensive.

We just have one car now, and the commute to my temp job isn't that great, so I can't really can't afford to put more mileage on an aging car just to get a few books.