Be Careful Out There

If you are contracted with any of the traditional/legacy publishers, make sure you read your contract.  Among Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, and the lawyer dude who is Passive Guy, there are a lot of crappy clauses and what-not that publishers are hoisting onto writers, whether those writers have been in legacy publishing for a while or those writers who are about to sign their first contract.

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What was it that they used to say on Hill Street Blues?  Oh yeah.

Be careful out there.


Charlee said...


I like your blog and I follow you but I often miss your posts because they don't show on my google reader like the other blogs I follow do. Do you know why?

I have to remember to come to your page and check them...

Nancy Beck said...

That's very odd, Charlee.

I'm going to look into this again. ::goes away muttering::