Hurricane Irene has gone through.

Hubby, Sammy the Alaskan Malamute, and I are still here.

The damage - if you want to call it that - is a flooded basement and a few small branches down in the backyard. Sam has been out a few times already, as the rain has stopped. The wind is still a tad gusty, and we have a big silver maple out back, so I want to keep Sam in for the most part.

My mother lives well east of here and was without power this morning. We were fortunate, in that we never lost electricity.

While there was still some rain coming down, hubby and I went to the local river and took a pic of it. Talk about churning! Yeow!


Kay Theodoratus said...

Always a nice feeling when you know you've escaped the worse that might've happened. I don't envy you cleaning out the basement.

Nancy Beck said...


Fortunately, we have a sump pump, and I've heard it go on a few times, so that seems to be working (thank goodness).

When Floyd came through in 1999, it was much worse - the pump had to work continuously. We were afraid the motor was going to burn out.

As for cleaning out the basement, besides the water...there's not much to clean out, as the basement is pretty small. And the washing machine and dryer are both on slabs a few inches off the cement floor.

You're so right that we escaped and event that could've been a LOT worse.

Thanks for stopping by.

Angie said...

Yeow is right. :/ That's some serious water; good thing the river was able to contain it, more or less.

I'm glad you all got though it with just a bit of damp and some broken branches.


Nicholas La Salla said...

Great to hear you're doing fine! My brother lives in Florida, so he gets pelted with hurricanes every year.

I can't imagine living down there, but he likes it.



Nancy Beck said...

@Angie - Thanks. :-)

@Nick - I don't get why Florida is the place for people to move to (not just retirees). The hurricanes and the unbearable humidity (not that I escape it here, lol) would make me never consider it.

I'd only consider visiting Florida on vacation to pet a few dolphins. :-)

I guess someone has to live there. ;-)