State of Indiana Files Lawsuit Against Airleaf

Do you remember these scumbags? I originally wrote about Airleaf in this post.

What Were They?

They purported to be a publisher. Or something. Oh, wait, that's right - they were like Groucho Marx, trying to come between you and your money.

Except it was no laughing matter for those who coughed up the money.

I went to the Airleaf Victims blog and saw stuff from people who gave this outfit $4,000 and $10,000; it's utterly heartwrenching.

Relief...and Maybe Some Sort of Payment (Hopefully)

On Thursday, May 8, the Indiana Attorney General filed suit against Airleaf
...for taking money without providing the promised services in return. The lawsuit is seeking consumer restitution for at least 120 customers.
How the hell did these people sleep at night? (Obviously, they did sleep pretty well, as long as the money kept coming in.)

The AG continued:
"More than 120 people are named in the lawsuit, including many from Indiana who lost thousands of dollars,” said Carter. “In fact, hundreds more may have lost money. They paid for services. Airleaf did not deliver, and now, those consumers deserve refunds.”
Damn right they do! Let's hope that the poor victims who put up wads of cash get some sort of restitution.

You can read this more in depth at the Airleaf Victims blog.

~Nancy Beck